Using Society Property and Society Information

4.1 You must have authorization from the board, or from a person the board designates,

(a) To use, for personal purposes, property owned by the Society, or

(b) To purchase Society property unless it is through channels of disposition equally available to the public. Even then, you may not purchase the property without authorization if you are involved in some aspect of the sale.

4.2 You may not take personal advantage of an opportunity available to the Society unless (a) It is clear that the Society has irrevocably decided against pursuing the opportunity, and

(b) The opportunity is equally available to members of the public.

4.3 You may not use your position with the Society to solicit any Society stakeholder for a personal business or one operated by a close friend, family member, business associate or a corporation or partnership in which you hold a significant interest. This duty does not prevent you or anyone else from transacting business with other people connected with the Society.

4.4 “Society information” is information that is acquired solely by reason of involvement with the Society and which the Society is under an obligation to keep confidential.

4.5 You may use Society information only for Society purposes.

4.6 You must not use Society information for your personal benefit.

4.7 You must protect Society information from improper disclosure.

4.8 You must report to the board, or to a person the board designates, any incident of abuse of Society information.

4.9 You may divulge Society information if

(a) You are authorized by the board or by a person designated by the board to release it, and
(b) It is to a person who has a lawful right to the information.

4.10 If you are in doubt about whether Society information may be released, you must request advice from the board or from a person the board designates.

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