The Different Terms in Strategic Planning

Strategic planning 

The leadership function of articulating why an organization exists; setting strategic goals that will enable the organization to fulfill its reasons for existence; establishing time-phased plans that identify measurable results for meeting those strategic goals; and determine who is responsible for meeting the strategic goals.

Mission statement 

A clear, concise, inspiring statement that states what the organization is; what type of organization it is; and what it does, for whom, and where. 

Vision statement

A concise picture of an ideal, desired future for the organization. Values statement A statement of how the organization should act to reach its vision. 

Strategic goals 

What is to be accomplished long-term to achieve the mission. Objectives Specifically how the strategic goals are to be reached. The shorter-term targets will move the organization measurably towards meeting its longer-term strategic goals. 

Time-phased plan

A plan with a deadline.

Measurable results

The information used to quantify the success of the
organization in achieving its objectives and goals.

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