Staff Manual

This is a manual designed and used by the CEO and staff. Responsibility for its creation and maintenance rests with the CEO. Te Staf Manual describes in detail how the various tasks in the organization are accomplished. In addition, it presents the approved policies that must be understood and applied by staff.

The Staff Manual may include two distinct sections related to policy: Board Policies. This list would replicate word-for-word the policies approved by the board and listed in the Directors’ Manual. The staff does have to be aware of these policies in order to develop appropriate staff policies and administrative procedures, all of which have to be created within the scope of policies defined by the board. 

Staff Policies and Procedures – this section would contain, for example, detailed information about:

  • Hours of work, lunch and coffee breaks 
  • Dress code
  • Staf conflict of interest policy 
  • How to process a membership application 
  • How and when to make bank deposits 
  • How to tender a contract for the provision of services or supplies to the NPO 
  • Staf benefit policies, e.g., maternity, paternity, bereavement leave; sick leave 
  • Annual vacation entitlements 
  • Overtime 
  • Staff travel 
  • Staff internet and email use
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