Rules About Gifts

You may accept a gift made to you because of your involvement in the Society in the following circumstances:

(a) The gift has no more than token value Setting the Ethical Standards

(b) It is the normal exchange of hospitality or a customary gesture of courtesy between persons doing business together
(c) The exchange is lawful and in accordance with local ethical practice and standards, and

(d) The gift could not be construed by an impartial observer as a bribe, pay off or improper or illegal payment.

5.2 You may not use Society property to make a gift, charitable donation, or political contribution to anyone on behalf of the Society. Any gift must have the authorization of the board of directors or a person the board designates.

5.3 Even if you are not a director, if you are in a position to influence decisions made on behalf of the Society, the board must treat you as if you are a director.

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