How a Board Policy Might Appear in Both Manuals

Here is a brief example of how a board policy may be treated in each of the two manuals. Suppose the board just passed a new policy relating to employee compensation and benefits.

After being approved and documented in the minutes, it would appear in the Policies section of the Directors’ Manual along these lines:

The CEO shall develop an employee compensation and benefits package that, as a minimum, meets legislated employment standards and that is also competitive within the local community in which the Association office is located.

In the Staff Manual, the identical wording would appear in the Board Policies section as an approved board policy. Then, in the sections of the Staf Manual dealing with staff compensation and benefits, any subsidiary staff policies or administrative staff procedures (as established by the CEO) would be detailed. Tese, for example, might include the definition of qualified vacation time and the method of processing leave applications.

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