CEO’s Code of Conduct

  1. The CEO shall at all times use their best efforts to efficiently and effectively manage the operations of the Society in support of its mission.
  2. The CEO shall adhere to the Society’s governance policies.
  3. The CEO shall adhere to the Society’s Conflict of Interest Policy; avoid, in fact, and perception, conflicts of interest; and immediately disclose possible conflicts to the board.
  4. The CEO shall keep the board apprised of relevant trends, anticipated adverse media coverage, and any other material external and internal changes that could impact on the Society.
  5. The CEO shall advise the board of any staffing changes at the senior level.
  6. The CEO shall advise the board of any complaints related to the quality of service that have not been resolved to the complainant’s satisfaction through normal staff processes.
  7. The CEO shall at all times treat staff and volunteers in a courteous, fair, and dignified manner.
  8. The CEO shall not change his/her own compensation, benefits, or holidays.
  9. The CEO shall maintain the confidentiality of the details and dynamics of board discussions, as well as those items designated as confidential. 10. Regardless of their personal viewpoint, the CEO shall not speak against or in any way undermine board decisions, board approved policies or programs or their implementation.
  10. The CEO may make public statements on policy matters that are within the scope of a policy approved by the board, or a reasonable extension of a policy.
  11. The CEO shall attend all board and other designated meetings unless granted leave by the chair.
  12. The CEO shall advise the chair, in advance, of any extended absences, for business or personal reasons.
  13. The CEO shall submit travel expense claims to the chair of the finance committee for approval.
  14. The CEO shall ensure that agenda materials and supporting documents are circulated at least one week in advance of board meetings.
  15. The CEO shall ensure all government filing requirements and tax payments are made in a timely manner.
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